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4 Powerful Endometriosis Blogs You Should Be Reading

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According to, an estimated 200 million women worldwide are impacted by endometriosis. Despite this, you may sometimes feel like you’re alone in living with the condition. If you find yourself feeling alone in moments of frustration and uncertainty, you can find support through these 4 powerful endometriosis blogs. Learn how brave women manage and cope with their endometriosis struggles.


1. This EndoLife


If you’re looking for multiple ways to manage your endometriosis, look no further than This EndoLife. This EndoLife’s mission is to help women living with endometriosis thrive. Creator/curator, Jessica Duffin, uses a number of platforms to help promote the mission, including her website, blog, podcast and social media. She specifically focuses on body empowerment and embracing a holistic lifestyle to help reduce endometriosis symptoms.


Read This EndoLife here:

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Hilariously @slc_london had to do a bit of stalking to dig out this picture of me for our interview! So as many of you probably have no idea what I look like giving I hide behind food and periods most of the time – hello! 🤗 Here’s a little snippet of mine and @vickiewilliams_ interview with the gorgeous girls over at She’s Lost Control, ahead of our Endo Circle this Sunday (for tickets head to my bio)…. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This Endolife founder, Jessica Duffin and Natural Rhythmic Healer, Vickie Williams, met at a She’s Lost Control session, got chatting and discovered that they were both living day to day with a condition known as Endometriosis (or endo for short). “Vickie and I have a alternative way of dealing with Endo to the norm” Jessica told us recently, “and it can be quite isolating because family and friends can think you're being hippie or extreme. Meeting Vickie was like finding my people (or person!) and we had a really long chat about our stories, especially as Vickie had quite serious endo issues going on at the time.“ As they chatted, they began thinking of ways they could support others together and asked us whether we’d be interested in hosting a support workshop with us, “I remember leaving SLC that day feeling pretty high on love and support!” ‘

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2. Bloomin’ Uterus


Lisa Howard started her endometriosis blog, Bloomin’ Uterus, not long after she received a surprise diagnosis during routine surgery in 2014. Her diagnosis explained a lot. From the age of 12, Lisa often experienced difficult periods with cramping and abnormal cycles.  Later in life, she and her husband struggled to conceive and tried for over five years to get pregnant.


Since her diagnosis at 35 years old, Lisa has embraced an endo-friendly diet along with a combination of prescribed treatment. Her blog updates readers on her progress, encourages others to share their endometriosis story and includes inspirational quotes.


Read the Bloom’ Uterus here:


A little bit of soul searching, expression, and therapy. <3 Thank you The Miachine tattoo artist for everything…and I mean everything. <3

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3. Endometriosis: My Life with You

Shireen Hand, the creator of Endometriosis: My Life with You, struggled with endometriosis from 12 years of age until her diagnosis at age 21. Along with endometriosis, Shireen has experienced chronic pain from other diseases, which ultimately interfered in her personal and professional life. After two years of trying to conceive, she became pregnant with her son, Hunter.


Through Endometriosis: My Life with You, or better known as EMLWY, Shireen shares her experience with chronic pain. She encourages others to share their stories and works to remind readers that endometriosis support is not far away.


Read Endometriosis: My Life with You here:


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Ooh, hello! Remember me!? Long time no, well, anything! Things have been a bit hectic the last few months. We got the keys to our 1st home together and then it was a mad dash to renovate that before we moved in! And then there was all the stuffs everywhereee! Ugh. But, we are in, everything is where it should be now and we are so in love with the new place! Anyway, normality is finally resuming! I've been laying low though because, in all honesty, I'm just totally fed up with health stuff. I have now officially been diagnosed with ischemic colitis and, although they aren't 100%, they are assuming it's been caused by my endometriosis. And so, with that in mind, I've made a massive decision. I'm on a waiting list for my 5th endometriosis surgery, and alongside that I'll be having a total hysterectomy. Now, before anyone says it, I am quite aware it's not a cure for endometriosis. But I've been bleeding since September 2017 with only the odd few weeks off during that time and I am over it. And, with the confirmation that I can't have any more children unless we have another round of IVF (which is beyond reach for us), then it seems silly not to just start whipping everything out. I've been nervous to announce it over here because I've seen women be hounded for their choice but this year has done me in. My endometriosis tried seriously hard to kill off my bowels and I'm still having a lot of issues surrounding that – I cannot take it anymore. Though, I have to admit, I'm not feeling positive that it will make any difference anyway. Nothing else ever has. So that's where I'm at right now. Struggling. But I'm trying to get back to you and get some words down about it all – it's just tough at the mo. Anyway, how are you all doing? Come and say hey, lets get this account back up off the floor! 💚💚💚 • #endometriosis #endometriosisuk #endosister #endofriendo #endocommunity #chronicpain #chronicillness #period #menstruation #spoonie #womenshealth #endo #periodpain #health #healthblogger #healthblog #invisibleillness #invisibleillnessawareness #endometriosisawareness #endoawareness #pain #ischemiccolitis #emlwy

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4. The Endo The World?

In The Endo the World, Clarie Barker shares how her life has been altered since her 2014 endometriosis diagnosis. She also documents her experience with adenomyosis. Clarie aims to raise awareness and provide endometriosis support to help impact the lives of other women going through similar pain.


Read The Endo the World here:


Get Endometriosis Support at the Kaldas Center

We hope these endometriosis blogs help you feel more connected to a community who shares your struggles. If you are struggling with endometriosis, call the Kaldas Center at (920) 886-2299 or visit the for more information.



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