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A look into the GE Voluson™ 3D ultrasound at the Kaldas Center

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At the Kaldas Center, we are committed to providing our patients with the best care possible, starting at diagnosis. Dr. Rami Kaldas, a leading endometriosis specialist, and his patient Sarah were recently featured on GE’s Voluson™ website to discuss the impact the GE Voluson™ 3D ultrasound had on Sarah’s life.


Sarah’s Journey


After years of extreme pain and bleeding that left her bedridden for months at a time, Sarah was diagnosed with endometriosis. Doctors performed an ablation surgery and prescribed medications, but Sarah’s symptoms only worsened.

After seeing doctor after doctor, Sarah was referred to Dr. Kaldas at the Kaldas Center, who used the GE Voluson system to provide a thorough examination. The Voluson ultrasound system from GE Healthcare provides 3D technology and high image quality that allows for a more complete scan of the pelvic area, aiding in more accurate diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of endometriosis and other conditions.


Dr. Kaldas went on to perform a life-changing excision surgery on Sarah, eliminating her pain and giving her back control of her life.


“It was my first 3D scan so that tells you about the other scans my doctors were using. The screen was a whole lot bigger. It was easier to see my anatomy, and my doctor could point to some of my problem areas. I was able to see and really understand it better than ever before”, Sarah says.


When speaking about her journey to diagnosis and treatment, Sarah says “if you’re having really, really painful periods, there’s a difference between a doctor who says you’re probably fine and then sends you on your way—and a doctor who does a scan.”.

Endometriosis Diagnosis and Treatment

It takes an average of 7.5 years for a woman to receive an endometriosis diagnosis. A 3D ultrasound, paired with a thorough examination, can greatly expedite the process of diagnosis. At the Kaldas Center, our specialists listen to your symptoms and complete thorough examinations for accurate and speedy diagnosis. To learn more about endometriosis treatment offered at the Kaldas Center, visit here.

Read the complete story at GE Voluson™ here.

With battling infertility for years, Dr. Kaldas made our dream come true! We had tried to get pregnant naturally for about 2 years. We then decided to seek medical help. After multiple unsuccessful medicated cycles and multiple failed intrauterine inseminations (IUI) and multiple doctors we were finally referred to Dr. Rami Kaldas. After meeting Dr. Kaldas for the first time, we had regained our hope in achieving our dream of having a baby. We were distraught and lost after dealing with infertility for the past 3 years, but Dr. Kaldas gave us that newfound hope. He gave us reassurance and helped reduce our stress and anxiety. After only 2 months of being treated by Dr. Kaldas, we were pregnant! He is a true professional in his field! We are very thankful to have met Dr. Kaldas. During our pregnancy he was still by our sides ensuring the successful delivery of our little one. He is very dedicated, knowledgeable and committed to each of his patients. The night I went into labor he had worked an entire day, stayed the entire night and worked the following day as he had multiple other deliveries and appointments to keep. He is very driven and dedicated to his patients and it shows. No amount of thanks will ever be enough. I highly recommend Dr. Kaldas to anyone dealing with infertility or pregnancy!

Sarah / Menasha, WI