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5 Endometriosis Facts That Will Surprise You

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When you’re first diagnosed with endometriosis, your initial reaction may be to learn all you can about it. To help in your search for answers, here are five endometriosis facts you may be surprised to learn.


1. The U.S. is Lacking in Funding for Endometriosis Research

You may be feeling relief now that you have a diagnosis for your unexplained pain; however, these statistics about endometriosis funding may give you cause for concern.

While 10% of women in the United States have endometriosis, research around the disease is lacking in funding with only 10 million dollars received annually. That’s only $0.92 that is spent yearly on a woman with endometriosis. In comparison, for every person with diabetes, the National Institute of Health spends $35.66 yearly. According to the PubMed medical research database, there are currently 33,103 clinical trials on diabetes, 13,762 on asthma and 1,958 on erectile dysfunction compared to 947 clinical trials studying endometriosis. These numbers clearly show a lack in much-needed funding.

Learn how you can support endometriosis research here.


2. Many General Physicians Are Uncomfortable Diagnosing Endometriosis

On average, it takes 6 to 10 years for a woman to receive a proper endometriosis diagnosis. Why? There are a number of factors for delayed diagnosis; however, one of the most astounding is that 63% of general practitioners have reported feeling uncomfortable diagnosing or treating endometriosis.

It is true that endometriosis is a difficult condition to diagnose. It takes a well-informed ob-gyn who is familiar with the symptoms of endometriosis, or an endometriosis specialist who is equipped with the right tools, to conclude a diagnosis.


3. Endometriosis May Run in the Family

Did you know you are 5-7 times more likely to be diagnosed with endometriosis if there is a history of it among women in your family? It’s true. While the cause of endometriosis is unknown, there is strong evidence to suggest that endometriosis is hereditary.

Read here why it’s important to know your family’s medical history.


4. Endometriosis Can Occur Anywhere in the Body

Endometriosis occurs when tissue normally grown within the uterus grows outside of it, causing pain and lesions. Endometriosis lesions are commonly found in the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and bladder. However, did you know that endometriosis can grow anywhere? In extremely rare cases, endometriosis growth has been found in areas like the kidneys, liver or even eyes! The only site endometriosis has not resulted is in the spleen.


5. Endometriosis in Men Can Happen

Yes, you read that right: Endometriosis can happen to men. While extremely rare, there have been at least 20 cases of the condition reported. When a female has endometriosis, they experience tissue, that normally is within the uterus, on other organs inside the body. The cause of endometriosis is unknown; however, research suggests a link to the estrogen hormone. In the few cases of men with endometriosis, estrogen levels were identified as a possible factor.


Want More Facts?

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