Meet Dr. Yadira Rafuls Board certified obstetrician and gynecologist

You're at the center

Dr. Rafuls describes her care philosophy as patient-centered with an emphasis on shared decision making. She prefers to act as a guide, allowing her patients to determine the best course of action while making sure they are fully informed on what procedures may involve.

Dr. Rafuls places a high value on compassion and believes healing involves every aspect of a patient’s life. Additionally, she knows the best way to understand a patient’s medical status and disease process is to listen.

Her driving force is helping women reach their potential both medically and personally.

Dr. Rafuls is fluent in Spanish.

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Dr. Rafuls education began with an undergraduate degree from the University of Miami in Miami, Florida. Following her graduation, she acquired her doctorate at St. George’s University School of Medicine in Grenada, West Indies.

Her residency granted her two prestigious awards:

  • Resident of the Year Award for Obstetrics
  • Resident of the Year Award for Excellence in Scholarship 2013
  • Resident of the Year Award for Excellence in Scholarship 2014


Additionally, Dr. Rafuls is renowned for her research. Her completed publications include:

  • Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome Doppler Studies Analysis
  • Rapid Response Teams In Obstetrics

When she's not at the Kaldas Center

When not helping women at the Kaldas Center, Dr. Rafuls enjoys staying active through dance, traveling and cooking.

Quieter activities she enjoys include reading, writing and watching movies.

Meet Dr. Rafuls