New Home, New Hope

Bringing Fertility, Pregnancy and Women’s Health Care to Appleton
At our brand new Appleton location, The Kaldas Center has created a home that reflects the thoughtful compassionate care we bring to pregnancy, fertility and women’s health.

What does Home mean?

We know that when you are seeking advice and counsel on the most intimate health issues, you want to feel comfort and peace. Knowing this inspired us to build a home. It’s not just a new location or a clinic facility. It’s a building that, from the moment you walk in, will inspire the warmth and care we value above all else.

What does Hope mean?

Hope means approaching every new situation as an opportunity to grow and learn. Hope means entering our home knowing that our patient-centered care is built around including you in your health decisions. Hope means never talking about impossibilities. Hope means a new way to look at fertility, pregnancy and women’s health care.

Hope means that you are at the center. Hope means that will always be true in this home.

New Home, Same Us

Aside from being able to welcome our guests into our new home, we are the same Kaldas Center. We think about and work to solve problems uniquely, allowing you to make informed health decisions for yourself – but never by yourself.

We’re here with you for your entire health journey.

More Convenience for Traveling Patients

At just over a mile away from Appleton International Airport, we’re able to treat our traveling patients with even more care and convenience than ever before. Our office is right down the road from the airport, which gives us the opportunity to serve you the same whether you’re flying in from Atlanta, Georgia or Andhra Pradesh, India, or Menasha!
Dr. Rami Kaldas is a nationally-recognized fertility and surgery expert. His team provides care that allows you to make informed health decisions. 

Find out why the Kaldas Center is a national leader in women’s health care.

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“My initial visit with Dr. Kaldas was my third opinion prior to my surgery. Dr. Kaldas addressed my questions and concerns about the procedure patiently, with empathy and compassion. He was extremely confident regarding the laproscopic approach and without any hesitation he assured me it could be done. My recovery pleasantly surprised me because I was up and walking the day of surgery with minimal pain medication and no post surgical complications.”

— Dr. Gayatri Bhosale-Mohite / Appleton, WI