Newborns (birth to 6 months) Health Resources

Your new baby! You’ve been waiting 9 long months and here is your newborn! If you feel like you have no idea what you’re doing – don’t worry! That’s very common. Here’s are some tips, advice, and a little bit about what to expect.

Newborn Development
– The first few weeks your baby will be very sleepy. Newborns sleep 90% of the day!

Your baby might look a little scrunched to you the first week or so. Remember, only a couple days ago your baby was snuggled up in your womb!

Keep an eye out for jaundice and acid reflux – two very common issues newborns experience. Call your doctor for any questions. Don’t ever feel like you’re bothering someone with questions about your baby! Everyone from your doctor, your mom, to your other mommy friends, everyone wants to help!

Your baby will gradually become more awake as the weeks go on and become more curious! Baby will also start to develop a schedule after a few weeks. You’ll start to learn when baby’s feeding schedule is and what time of best for a quick errand or visitor time.

After about 5 weeks, your little bundle will be able to smile at you! Your baby can start to recognize more sights and sounds and will become more engaged. By week 10, baby will be more interactive and cooing!



Holding Your Newborn
– Your newborn seems so delicate and small! Make sure you always support baby’s little head for the first couple months because her neck isn’t strong enough! Usually around 6 months, your baby’s neck muscles and head control are form.

Eating – your newborn will need to eat every 2-3 hours. Read our post on 12 Myths About Breastfeeding!

Weight Gain – every newborn is different. Consult your doctor about how much weight your baby is gaining. Typically, babies lose a little bit of weight right after birth, but then will gain about an ounce a day for the first month. Again, every baby is different and it depends on if you’re exclusively breastfeeding, mixed, or exclusively formula feeding.

Newborn Skin – Newborn skin is typically dry and prone to rashes. Most newborn rashes are harmless and will disappear on their own! However, if your baby’s rash gets worse or lingers for more than a few days, consult your doctor. While bathing, you don’t need to use baby soap during the first month because you are only sponge bathing your baby 2-3 times a week.

Letting Other People Hold Your Baby

Everyone is so happy for you and your new addition! You’ll probably have a line of people pining after the chance to hold your little one. Letting people hold your newborn is totally up to you. It’s not rude or mean to have some baby holding rules or guidelines.

Always make sure friends and family wash their hands before holding baby.

If someone will less experience with babies wants to hold your little angel, feel free to offer to let them sit down before placing your baby in their arms. It’s much easier for a first time baby holder to sit and hold baby in a sitting position. It’s not rude to gently remind him or her to support baby’s head.

Again, this is totally up to you and what you’re comfortable with!  As long as you’re gentle, yet firm about your baby holding rules, no one will mind following them.

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