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Pregnancy is personal and important.

We believe you should have the experience you want.  We want to make sure you feel comfortable and confident with your birth plan so we create it with you. You can depend on us to support you, encourage you, and help in any way we can. We’re there for you.

Normal, Healthy and Safe Pregnancy

MidwifePregnancy and birth are normal, healthy processes. Our certified midwives and doctors; Dr. Kaldas, Dr. Menya, and Dr. Rafuls will let mother nature take its course. Through our holistic pregnancy care our certified midwives educate you on what to expect when you’re expecting.

At our center in Appleton, we care for expectant mothers from Neenah, Green Bay, and throughout the state of Wisconsin. We perform only necessary testing and know when to (and when not to) utilize high technology for a pregnancy.  This clinical insight and evaluation prevents problems before they happen.

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We Care About Your Pregnancy

Many things affect the health of a mother and her unborn child. Lifestyle, diet, environment and more can affect your child’s health. Our team will help you identify risk factors and present safe alternatives to keep you and your baby healthy.

Under our care, you will be constantly cared for and safe. Whether you want the experience of a midwife, doctor, or both, the Kaldas Center will be there throughout the whole process. Many times our team works hand-in-hand to help you safely deliver your baby.

The Kaldas Center will work with you to create the birth plan that you want, whether it’s medicine-free or with an epidural. We’ll go over all of your birth options and help you decide what’s best for you including VBAC. We’re there for you.


Do We Support VBAC? Yes, We Do!

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What is Midwifery

It’s naturally empowering women to give birth the way they want to.  Midwives support women through conception, labor, birth and postpartum. They’re your cheerleader, encouraging you along the way and making sure you and your baby are safe.  They help expectant mothers work with nature to give birth naturally, with fewer interventions and faster recovery time.

Certified midwives are experts on pregnancy, childbirth, and how to best care for newborns.  They help new mothers care for their newborn, breastfeeding support, and make those first days and weeks of your baby’s life as worry-free as possible.

Midwives are seeing more and more patients every year because they let women make decisions about their care and adapt to their needs and schedule.  Midwifery limits intervention, lowers C-section rates, and only uses an OB/GYN when absolutely necessary.

Our Resources for You

Education is so important to us that we created detailed and helpful resources to help from getting pregnant to caring for your baby.

For more information, visit our resource page today. If you ever have any questions please call us.

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Having worked as an RN in a few different hospitals throughout the Fox Valley, I must tell you that Dr. Kaldas and the ENTIRE staff at the Kaldas Center is the best around. I attribute the healthy and safe deliveries of both of my daughters to Dr. Kaldas.

- Jess | Wisconsin