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Why Does My Vagina Itch? The Summertime Itch and How to Avoid It

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“Why does my vagina itch?” If it’s a question you find yourself asking, you’re not alone. And, if you find yourself asking it more often in the summer, there is reason for that.

While summer means fun in the sun, days at the beach and nightly campfires, it’s also the season when more women experience vaginal itching. The heat of summer can turn your vagina into a breeding ground for bacteria. This, in turn, leads to the unfortunate, and uncomfortable, itch you can’t (and shouldn’t) scratch.


Why Does My Vagina Itch in Summer?

While vaginal itching can happen anytime of the year, it can be especially prevalent during the summertime. So, what is it about the summer months that can be kryptonite to your vagina? All these factors can leave your vagina vulnerable:

  • Increasing temperatures
  • Humidity
  • Swimming
  • Sweating

Whether you’re familiar with the summertime itch, or, this is news to you, we’ve got the tips to help you take care of your business.


How to Prevent Vaginal Itching

The key to avoiding vaginal discomfort and irritation during the summer is simple. It’s all about preparation and self-care.

  • Avoid restrictive clothing. Tight pants or shorts can trap in unwanted heat leading to a buildup of friction and moisture.
  • Swimming during the summer is a great way to catch a break from the heat but be sure to dry off ASAP after a dip in the pool. Vaginal itching after swimming is not fun and could be the result of sitting in a wet swimming suit for too long or from the chlorine in the pool.
  • Many choose to rock a bikini wax or shave more often than they typically do other times of the year. Remember to be careful! Waxing or shaving often can lead to irritation. Combined with summer heat, this irritation can turn into itching!
  • Summertime is a great opportunity to take the weights outside of the gym, but keep in mind that sweat and friction from the hot weather may result in unwanted itching.


How to Stop Itching Down There

If you’re experiencing the summertime itch along with vaginal discomfort, it may be more than just an itch you can’t scratch. Watch for other symptoms including:

  • Redness
  • Burning
  • Dryness
  • Discharge
  • Abnormal odor
  • Abnormal bleeding
  • Abnormal growth
  • Pain when urinating

Vaginal itching is most commonly associated with a yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis or a vaginal infection. Often, these can be treated easily with over the counter medication or with a quick call to your OBGYN. Treatment may include the following:

  • Antibiotics
  • Antifungal medications
  • Steroid cream or lotion
  • Home remedies

If you’ve been asking “Why does my vagina itch” and that itch isn’t going away, contact us. The Kaldas Center wants to help you put your vagina back in balance. Visit us at or call (920) 886-2299 so we can help you with a solution.

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