We combine nationally recognized surgical skills and technology with a holistic, patient-focused approach to achieve unsurpassed results for women in Wisconsin.


Primary Specialties

Gynecology and Obstetrics

Dr. Rami Kaldas is an experienced, board-certified gynecologic surgeon and obstetrician with proven success rates in many specialties:

  • Pelvic support surgery
  • Incontinence surgery
  • High and low risk obstetrics

Since 1996 he has been the leading endometriosis excision surgeon in Wisconsin, preventing infertility and providing relief from pelvic pain and adhesions to patients from Appleton to Green Bay, and surrounding areas.


New Home, New Hope

The Kaldas Center is creating a new home with the hopes of reflecting the care you deserve. Stay tuned and watch the progress, we can’t wait to share this experience with you!

Meet Families the Kaldas Center has Helped

Holistic Pregnancy Care

We have a board-certified nurse midwife, specializing in supporting women in Appleton and surrounding areas through:

  • Epidural or natural childbirth
  • Breast feeding and lactation support
  • Contraception options
  • Well-female visits/yearly exams
  • Adolescent and teen health concerns
  • Natural family planning
  • Hypnobirthing and Bradley Methods


Safe, Advanced, Cost-Effective Care

By offering the most advanced and efficient procedures available in Appleton and the state of Wisconsin, we provide economically reasonable infertility treatment.  And by treating major conditions with minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeries, you’re in the hospital less and recover faster, and that saves money.  In most cases, you can return to work the next day.


Changing How Care is Delivered to Women

  • We listen to women and adapt to their schedule.
  • We educate women and let them make decisions about their care.
  • We limit intervention and only perform C-Sections when absolutely necessary.
  • We offer the most advanced laparoscopic (minimally-invasive) surgeries to quickly get women back to living full, healthy lives.
Now Introducing...


I worked with Dr. Kaldas for my first pregnancy and birth, and Mary Williams, CNM for my second. They were both exceptionally supportive of our plans for a natural labor and delivery, offering advice, guidance and support to help us realize the birth experience we wanted. Mary Williams attended the birth of my daughter in April 2013. I immediately connected with  Mary throughout my prenatal care. She is a very warm and supportive practitioner. During my labor and delivery, Mary was never far from my side… even walking laps around the birth floor with my husband and I as I labored without pain medication! I really consider her a partner in our birth, and attribute our exceptionally positive experience to her capable and compassionate care.

- Samantha / Neenah, WI